Search by image app for mobile

Search by image app for mobile

Search by image app can be use to identify fake profiles of facebook and instagram, by downloading the picture and uploading it on the app. if you found the same pictures on internet or google it means the profile and the picture is fake and is created to cheat with people. Discover comparable pictures or pictures utilizing Google and other picture switch search engine.


just download the picture or you can also take screenshot of the picture and upload it on the app by clicking the plus icon, then you will see an option to upload the picture. After uploading click on the search button if the picture is availabe on internet it means the profile is fake and it is not available anywhere on internet it means the profile is real.


Why this App?

✓ Search by image not accessible in portable program

✓ Simple to utilize

✓ Fast and solid

✓ Support camera to catch picture

✓ Easy picture proofreader before pursuit

✓ Support Google, Tineye and Yandex web indexes

✓ Show result from various web search tools simultaneously

✓ Open shared picture from different Apps like Facebook, twitter, program, and so on. No compelling reason to spare it.

✓ Remove Ads by buy full form


Picture Editor:

✓ Rotate picture

✓ Flip picture on a level plane/vertically

✓ Crop some portion of picture


Query items:

✓ Show comparative pictures

✓ Show outwardly comparative pictures

✓ SafeSearch channel choice in settings (Google as it were)


Commonplace Use Cases:

✓ Find comparative pictures

✓ Discover if a picture is adjusted or unique

✓ Discover if a picture is phony or unique

✓ Discover if a picture is new or simply old one effectively accessible in the web

✓ Search by part of a picture, This is useful if the picture is consolidated from different pictures

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